Setting up Java Play Framework 1.2.5 on MacOS X

Here is how I setup The Java Play Framework 1.2.5 on MacOS X.

See my previous post for details on Setting up Java Play Framework 2.2.1 on MacOS X. This post covers creating the .profile file if it does not yet exist on your system.


  1. Download Play Framework zip file
  2. Expand zip file
  3. Move the folder play-1.2.5 to /usr/local
  4. $ touch .profile

  5. Add path to play framework to .profile
    For basic edits I like Nano:
    $ nano .profile

    Add this alias to the file:
    alias play-1="/usr/local/play-1.2.5/play"

    Ctrl+o to save
    Ctrl+x to exit

  6. Reload the .profile file:
    . ./.profile
  7. Check Play Framework v1.2.5 is available:
    $ play-1
  8. My expertise at this sort of thing is some way off, so any comments and feedback you might have is appreciated.

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