Guide: Tracking a UK Postal Order

As of April 2018, the telephone option information is no longer valid.
Thanks go to Simon for letting me know about this.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided here. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. This information is current of 23 February 2015 and is subject to change. I have no affiliated with, nor do I represent the Post Office.

Here is how I contacted the Post Office by telephone to trace a UK postal order.
First-off: call the Post Office on 03457 22 33 44.

When presented with the menu press the following options to make a postal order tracking enquiry:

5 -> Other

6 – Other

2 – Other

2 – Other

Have your 10-digit Voucher ID ready.

For obtaining written evidence of a payment, you may write to:

Postal Order Correspondence Section
Post Office Ltd
1 Future Walk
S49 1PF


  1. Sinead mc laughlin

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me if this crossed postal order was cashed the voucher ID number is [redacted]. It was made out to a [redacted] and was posted to him his address is [redacted] on the [redacted] thanks sinead

    • Quinn

      Hi Sinead,

      I cannot help with this — these instructions were published here as I had trouble finding this information online.
      You will need to contact the Post Office by telephone or post to find out if the postal order you are enquiring about was cashed.

      Phil Quinn

    • caroline hicks

      hi i brought a crossed postal order and sent to the address but was not received how do i find out if its been cashed

  2. After going round in circles on the laptop I came upon Phil Quinn’s advice and within a minute I was sorted. Just like to say thank you for the easy steps to follow.

  3. Mrs JOY

    Hi I have made a postal order of £90 for revaluation purpose at a college.And they have returned my Postal Order.Now i need a refund on it but have lost the receipt. What should i do about it?
    Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Lucy Thompson

    Hi there i recently wrote a letter to you in regards a postal order that has went missing.I need to no if you could refund this money by any way possible the amount was 6.99 fee was 1.00 i would very much appreciate if u could get back to me .thank you for taking the time to read this .

    • Quinn

      Hi Lucy,

      This site is simply my personal blog. I’m afraid that am not affiliated with the Post Office and cannot help you.

      You might try to write to the Post Office at the address listed in this blog post.

      Best of luck.

      Phil Quinn

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